Middlemarch in Spring: three productions


Will speaks from the heart in the Charlottesville Opera production, March 2017

Celia tries on her new earrings.

Brooke and Dorothea.

Casaubon: “I command wide vistas…”

Levity in the Brooke household

Video of the end of Act I, performed by Sara Duchovnay and Philip Skinner in our premiere production.

Image0 Sir James’s gift of a dog in a basket delights Celia, not Dorothea.Image2  Will Ladislaw poses Mrs. Casaubon for a sketch.

Image3                                                         Marital strife.

Image4                      Casaubon is tormented by nightmare images.

Casaubon’s tormented visions are of failure and ridicule.


The lovers united at last.

Elena Stabile  as the bereft Dorothea in the University of Tennessee Opera Theatre production, April 2018

Kayla Beard and Elena Stabile shared the role of Dorothea Brooke in the University of Tennessee Opera Theatre’s production

Midway through the rehearsal process, Taylor Joshua Rankin shot this new video.

Cast members Sara Duchovnay and Philip Skinner meet conductor Jonathan Khuner for an early coaching session in this video clip.

A New Chamber Opera